Allah Is GREAT!

by : Ayuu Feat Ayuu

Picture yourself in a place that's full of people,
war and hatred is gone, it's all peaceful,
secluded and idyllic in all the 4 seasons,
air's so great for all to just breathe it,
The world's so beautiful !God! you should see it,

and then it happens,

slowly it's all changing,
the drums start drumming and gradually it starts pacing,
your heart's stops beating to the sound that's getting louder,
praying to their idols, and fighting over who powers',
neither can help and nor can they listen,
pieces of wood just fixed to a position,

and then it stops!

it's the storm before the coming,
the earth's all flat from the blow out of the trumpet,
it's all quiet and peace is full again,
now picture a world where the people are all dead,
no one is left to finish this sad story,
only Allah is left in his glory!
Allah is great!

By : Ayuu Feat Ayuu
Jakarta, 30 April 2011 ; 16:52 WIB
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